When I work an earlier shift I somehow feel fresher and more ready for work. I set my alarm for an earlier time and leave the house in time to catch the morning brightening up. My morning commute is relaxed and peaceful. I listen to upbeat music to wake myself up, and watch people get on with their morning routines. I am the first one to arrive at my office which gives me time to settle down before the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have never seen myself as a morning person but I have grown to allocate my night time for sleeping. The arrival of a new day is not the worst thing any more.


I am trying to remember the last time that I felt fully refreshed and 100% awake, and truthfully I cannot remember. Every morning I wake up for work slightly groggy and wishing I could turn over and go back to sleep.

As a human being we need to sleep to survive. Our body needs to rest and recuperate and our mind needs to ‘switch off’. Whilst I sleep for an appropriate number of hours each night, how is it that I always wake up tired? I have a semi-strict routine in the evenings to allow me to go to bed at a reasonable time. I get into bed early and try to unwind from the day’s activities. Despite this routine I find myself tossing and turning in the night struggling to truly ‘switch off’. My fitness band tracks my sleeping patterns and I tend to wake up multiple times in the night. I know that as we get older our quality of sleep deteriorates, whether that be because of lifestyle changes or health issues. I feel like my sleep structure has already shifted a little.

In my student life I could stay awake till 4am with no problems, and then sleep in till noon the next day. My body has become accustomed to a set routine for work: getting up early and sleeping early. Working life is tiring.


I am feeling thoughtful tonight. Night time is a time for thoughts to swirl, for ideas to develop and for feelings to flourish.

By morning these deep thoughts have disappeared and all is refreshed and new. Night is the period of time for deep emotions to be manifested, for the truth to rise up out of our souls. Night time is more honest than the day, barriers are taken down and masks are removed.


The night is for times of solitude, for thoughts and pondering. 

I use the hours before I fall into slumber to recount how my day panned out. I recall the words I spoke to my friends/classmates/family and think about how my actions impacted on those around me. This self reflection is very important to me. This analysis helps me to develop as a person, to know what makes me tick. 

I consider what I could have done differently with my day: whether I should have left the house earlier to catch my bus, whether I needed to buy another pair of shoes, whether I should have complimented a stranger on their hairstyle. Endless possibilities arise and I find myself lost in the midst of these ‘what if’ situations. After all, the day has passed. The night has come, and soon the sun will rise again. As a new day dawns it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, to begin again.