I  finished reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I think my brain is still trying to process the story as a whole rather than as individual plots.

I found the book quite a slow starter but as I got to the halfway mark it quickly picked up. I actually read the latter half within 3 hours on the same day whereas the first half I picked up and left off quite often over a week or so.

There were a lot of interesting ideas and cultural teachings to be gained from the book. There were times where I forgot that the book had been translated into English, and that is a wholly Japanese book. Notions of suicide and mental illness seem to be addressed more informally in Japanese culture in comparison to the Western world.

This is not your average love story. Expect to become attached to the main character, to feel the lulls when he does, and the highs when he does too. I thought it was fairly dark in some places and some concepts were difficult to grasp (due to my own inexperience and lack of knowledge).

I look forward to reading more from Murakami’s collection.


I am back in Edinburgh!

On my journeys back and forth from my hometown I always make sure I bring a book (or two). This time round I brought with me Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.

Once I get into a book; I get into a book. There was one point in my train journey that I was so engrossed in my book while at a station that I almost didn’t see my connecting train pull in. I have missed reading so much! That feeling of wanting to find out what happens is such a rush! With being busy with university and all, it was nice to have a break and read.

Thoughts on this book? Wonderfully written! Bravo J.R.R. Tolkien, bravo. I have watched all of the LOTR films but there is something about the written word that makes things all the more magical and mystical. One of my favourite parts was the descriptions of the elves. They are described so beautifully and down to every detail, and I believe the films also did well to capture that beauty and elegance.

Next conquests? I think I am going to leave the LOTR trilogy for now simply because my university term is starting again and The Two Towers is pretty hefty. My gift of Norwegian Wood is of reasonable length, and looks to be something I can easily pick up when I have time. Norwegian Wood it shall be!


On my recent trip to Aberdeen I received two books as a present from my good friend.

We had previously spoken about the Murakami books and whether they were worth a read. My friend has read Norwegian Wood and he recommended it to me, and I said I would buy a copy and read it when I had some free time.

Receiving these two books was a real surprise and I am thankful that my friend knows my book obsession as well as he does. I am looking forward to finding time to read these!