When I work an earlier shift I somehow feel fresher and more ready for work. I set my alarm for an earlier time and leave the house in time to catch the morning brightening up. My morning commute is relaxed and peaceful. I listen to upbeat music to wake myself up, and watch people get on with their morning routines. I am the first one to arrive at my office which gives me time to settle down before the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have never seen myself as a morning person but I have grown to allocate my night time for sleeping. The arrival of a new day is not the worst thing any more.


‘I was by myself for a pretty long time. I needed to do that. I think everyone that I know has wanted to do that or needed to do that at some point. I think when you spend enough time when it’s quiet around you and you don’t open your mouth for three or four days, there’s parts of your brain that can kind of rest. I think when we’re out in the world and we have to talk to people, we edit ourselves. You know, we have to like, act a little bit. As honest as we may be as humans, when we’re out here, we’re all kind of wearing mirrors on our faces. You know, constantly reacting to how to react to the people around you. And I think when you’re alone for a long enough time, you can feel a lot more peace.’

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

I enjoy the stillness of being in a room by myself, and I enjoy not having to speak to people (sometimes). I think it is such a simple way of getting back to myself, a way of returning to my calm state, an easy recharge of my inner self. One of my favourite quiet times is to go for a walk by myself; occasionally I enjoy a run too. It gives me an opportunity to get out in the world and see things, not people, things. Whether that be nature, the high street, rain, sun, snow, I really don’t mind. It gives me time to think and mull over anything that’s going on inside my mind, to keep my mouth closed and to be the person that I want to be.

It’s true that when you’re alone for long enough, you can feel more peace.


Today (well yesterday now) I took some time out from replying to friends on Whatsapp and did some intense thinking. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whirl of communicating with others through technology that it feels like I’m never truly alone. It was pleasant to experience some peace and quiet with my thoughts for an evening.