It’s been a fair while since I’ve posted so I feel a little update is overdue!

I moved into a new flat mid-January which has brought about new challenges and exciting times! I have discovered a new love of cooking and planning meals, setting aside time to clean and do chores, and truly embracing down time. I have also been introduced to paying house bills, travelling further to work (thus waking up earlier), and fitting everything into different time schedules.

I have also truly learned to embrace family time at home. Over the holidays I got to relax and catch up with my family, whilst also being busy with gatherings with various friends. I rang in the new year with some of my oldest friends and learned to lie my way through many many games of Secret Hitler. I set up fireworks and screamed out of excitement (and fear) as the new year rang in!

Apologies for the less frequent posts but I am still here working my way through my twenties!


Is it really almost the end of January already? The days are flying by!

For me January is never an exciting month. After a hectic December I normally spend January sinking back into my normal day-to-day routine. Work is the same old grind: waking up to an alarm, taking the bus to the office, working throughout the day, and then returning home in the evening. Leisure times remain similar: reading, blogging thoughts, watching shows and Youtube videos, swimming, and occasionally babysitting my relatives.

January sometimes feels like the filler month before the year really gets going. I have plans scheduled for the rest of the year however my January calendar page remains empty. People talk about new beginnings and starting afresh in January, but for me it is a return to the old. It is a return to what I know, to how I have lived in the past, and is the waiting room for the rest of the year to start.


I like spontaneous days out and trying new things. As much as I like to have set plans and schedules, days of spontaneity also hold a place in my heart. I like to enter details into my phone calendar of where I was, who I was with, from what time to what time. My holidays in 2014 had itineraries that were meticulously planned. Whilst organisation makes me feel like I am in control, sometimes not knowing is a better choice.


Organising this holiday is definitely getting to me.

The owners of the apartment we planned to book replied to us saying that it wouldn’t be suitable for a group of 6 adults. Hearing this news this morning definitely put a downer on my day. After reading the message I lay in bed for a further hour just moping and feeling despondent. I had my heart set on that apartment so I really was disappointed when it didn’t work out, heartbroken to the point of tears. I am aware that that sounds crazy, but that is how much I wanted to stay in that apartment and how upset I was to hear the news.

I spent the evening looking for other apartments however everything is being compared to the one that was never meant to be. I am also frustrated that there has been minimal help from the others, organising is stressful and it’s really bringing me down.


I feel like I am currently sitting on a small boat drifting slowly here and there in the midst of a vast ocean. My reasons for feeling like this? I feel like my plans for a day out are going nowhere. Like the boat, there is no direction set, there are limited ideas on how to get going in the right direction and calling out for help is futile.

While others may like the spontaneity of a day out, I like to know the plans before setting off. I do not need an itinerary for the whole day, just at least a gist of what we will be doing so I know there will be limited time wasted deciding what to do.

I pride myself in my organisation so it’s frustrating when others are no help in planning.