Last weekend I was able to return home to visit my family for a few days. Though it was a short ‘long weekend’, it was definitely worth it to travel 5.5 hours home and back just to see them. I miss simple home comforts now and again so quick bursts of home satisfy my yearnings.

I am thankful for time with family and friends and the rare times I get to return home. It makes me cherish those times all the more.



An emergency trip home to visit my grandma in hospital has been the wake up call that I needed. I have been so engrossed in my own matters, my own satisfactions, and my own pleasures, that I have forgotten the things which are most important.

Hearing about the difficulties of my grandma’s operation and hospital stay brought to reality how much I had neglected my own family. Throughout the summer I have been out watching shows, getting dinner with my friends after work, visiting European countries without telling my family… the list goes on.

While I prefer to withdraw myself from people for my own comfort, I do not always remember to check in with my family. I have realised how selfish this is, how my recluse ways are not ideal, and how this affects my own mental health. As I live 300+ miles away from my immediate family, it is very important that I alter my thinking (not only for my family’s sake but also my own).


In between all the family gatherings and friend feasts I have finally had an evening to myself since I travelled home for the holidays. I had an early and quiet dinner with my mum and my brother before soaking in a hot bath.

As work keeps me busy during the day I have gotten used to having the evenings to myself. I do not mind having the odd event where I need to be out of the house longer than usual, but for the most part I like to be showered and ready for bed by 21:30! The work lifestyle has got me in a set routine, so once the holidays hit it was quite a shock.

As visits home go by so quickly, it makes sense to cram them as to make the most of my time. It has been lovely to catch up with relatives and friends over the past few days. As I do not know the next time I will be able to travel home I shall endeavour to fill my days a little more!


It is almost the time of year where I get to travel home! Working life is completely different to studying life. I have only a limited number of days for my Winter break now whereas my student semester break seemed almost endless. Tomorrow I will be taking the train back to my home town to visit my family and friends. I will be working a half day before travelling for a half day. The feeling of not returning to work untilv the new year is a good one!


My last post was 5 days ago… I see that my aim to keep this blog updated is not being fulfilled. It has also been a while since my last original post.

My father was in town today so we had a catch up over a sushi lunch, relaxed at home in the afternoon, had a chilled out dinner and then I took him to the train station. My father travels around the UK for his work but he is no longer based in Edinburgh so I do not often get the chance to see him. As with anyone who has moved away from home; a big city can be a lonely place. I am thankful for the relatives that I have here and also for the opportunities to spend with my immediate family.

As a teenager I always wondered what it would be like to move away from home. I pondered on how my life would be without my parents watching my every move, and not having to be bothered by my brothers. Now looking back I see that those times may have been easier, and that I should have cherished those times when my whole family was together in one household. It is funny how things change.


After ringing in the new year by watching fireworks with friends in The Meadows, we headed up to a friend’s house to play card games and Monopoly. These games ended up lasting till 4am and everyone went home joyful yet sleepy.

On Friday I travelled back to my hometown of Market Harborough to spend some time with my family and friends before returning to my studies. I got to see my two young nieces and also meet my newborn nephew today, definitely a happy moment! It was good to catch up with my cousins and friends as I have not been back in half a year. I have a family dinner tomorrow so more catch ups and laughter to come!


Recently I have been able to become closer to my little 4 year old nephew as I have time off from my studies and can play with him more. Today he insisted on me playing with him and on the occasions I left the room briefly, he followed me to make sure I came back to play with him.

Children are so precious and seeing them grow before our eyes is precious. Each day he speaks new phrases and words, and tells me about his adventures at nursery. He knows the numbers of the buses that go past our house and can differentiate between police and ambulance sirens. He picks up melodies from songs easily and sings them around the house.

Ah, to have the simplicity of a child’s life where all things are easy and exciting!


I never thought much about being the middle child or the only daughter. In primary school lessons we were asked about what it was like to be the eldest child, middle child or youngest child, and I never had anything to comment on. My brothers and I were always treated similarly and that was probably due to the close age gap we have. My older brother is only 1 year and 8 months older, and my younger brother, 1 year 1 month 1 week and 1 day younger. No one was ever the favourite or least favourite, and I think that is how it should be in a family.

The three of us get on well now in our twenties and we always have, even from young. Of course as siblings go, we have our arguments (both big and small) but they are always resolved within a few hours. We know that built up anger is easily dispersed in time. There are similarities between us and differences as well. We share a similar sarcastic sense of humour with a love for Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Mock The Week, yet our food preferences differ wildly.

I used to see other children playing with their sisters and wish for a sister of my own. However, as I grew older I realised God had granted me two wonderful brothers worth more than any sister could fill. They taught me how to be fiercely competitive, how to stick up for myself and how to eat like a pig. While obviously we have matured (to an extent) I still hold those tomboy-ish attitudes close to my heart. Something my brothers and I often do is randomly hit/punch/kick each other (particularly when we’re all at home together). This is not something to hurt or injure the other party; but simply to annoy. While to others it may seem strange, it is something we have done all our lives and is our own little way of communicating, ‘I am glad you’re home.’

My brothers work hard at what they do and for some reason I am beaming with pride today. I hope I can make them just as proud when I graduate at the end of this upcoming academic year!


My whole family is finally back together again, these rare few days will be cherished and fully appreciated.

With myself and my younger brother away at university and my dad travelling around the country for work (with limited holidays), the days we get to spend together as a family at home are rare. Though the days are few this month, in June we will be spending two weeks on holiday in Hong Kong and Japan.

I think it is definitely something I took for granted when I was younger. I would come home from school and see my parents and brothers, we would live our lives side by side and no one would ever be away from home. Now that we’ve all grown and matured, we live our separate lives in different parts of the country and have to find time to gather together at home.

I remember in my first year of university I found it quite difficult to adjust to life away from my family and I felt homesick quite often. Now that I have just finished my third year of university and whilst I enjoy my independence, sometimes the feelings of homesickness rear their heads. I know that my family is important and I really cherish the moments we have together. I think the fact that the moments are few and short make them even more precious. Having the whole family under one roof makes me feel like I’m glowing, so I can go to bed happy and content.