Tomorrow will be my last academic assessment of 2014!

It will also be the day I get my Honours Project ethics application form signed and sent off (hopefully for the final time) so I can conduct my interviews in the new year.

Anyone who has been through the university process will know the struggles and stress that students face towards the end of term. They will also know the relief and excitement that comes from knowing there is a well deserved break at the end of the year.

When I go back to university in January I will have just under 4 months to conduct 6 qualitative interviews then write a 12, 000 word long dissertation on it all. University life, huh?

Hurry up, 11:30am! Exam finishing time!


Dear revision,

my last assignment was handed in yesterday and I am still mentally drained from writing it. Can I take one more day off from seeing you for my friend’s birthday? Please and thank you. I promise I will come and visit you on Friday with the gift of full attention span, wrapped in determination and tied off with a bow of motivation.

Yours faithfully, Kimberly.