Why is it that when you know you have time to sleep that you feel at your most awake?

This bank holiday has messed up my sleeping pattern. I woke up this morning at 04:30 and stayed wide awake until 06:45, before sleeping on till 09:30. My natural body clock is usually very good at letting me get a good nights rest, and at waking me up for work.

I have not seen 05:00 since my student days so the stillness of the morning was quite refreshing (albeit tiring in the long run).


After a little break away in the sun; I have returned to normality and my usual routine. While being on holiday is normally a time to rest and relax, I have found that my body has not recharged itself until I got back into my routine. The excitement of being on holiday and exploring a new country takes its toll. I found myself getting stressed with planning both before and during the holiday, and ended up waking a lot earlier than planned every day I was away. Amidst long days out and coupled with broken sleep I was left exhausted by the time I hopped on the plane home. Not long after take off I completely knocked out and fell asleep!

After being back to work for a week my body has finally gotten back into my usual sleeping routine. I have managed to get back into swimming after a little hiatus, and also changed my eating habits back from the late Spanish meal times. Change is good every now and again but it is always comforting to come back to a ‘normal’ lifestyle.


Today is the day that my fitness band broke. Not stopped working, not ‘became faulty’ but legitimately snapped in half.

So that marks the end of my year long fitness band journey! It was a very encouraging and motivating journey as I tracked my steps, sleep, food and heart rate daily. I have developed a routine where I actively take time out of my lunch break to walk around Edinburgh, and this has allowed me to discover hidden gems and to detach from technology (even if only for half an hour spurts). My eating habits have slightly improved as I knew everything I ate would get logged. I was able to learn about my sleeping patterns and track how often I woke up in the night. I was also able to log my work outs and get advice on improving them, as well as receive encouragement for my hard work.

While I am not planning on getting another fitness band to replace my former one, I am planning to take what I have learnt and to put it into practice (just minus the physical band). My right arm feels very bare without my fitness band; a very strange sensation which I will have to get used to.


  • Perpetually tired.
  • Forever aching.
  • Slowly deteriorating.

Recently another year was added to my twenty something self and though there was no immediate change to my being, I realised the afore mentioned things.

I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep, nor when my body did not ache or hurt in the slightest. My memory is worse, my reactions are slower and my tastes have changed. Is this what the onset of thirty brings?


I am trying to remember the last time that I felt fully refreshed and 100% awake, and truthfully I cannot remember. Every morning I wake up for work slightly groggy and wishing I could turn over and go back to sleep.

As a human being we need to sleep to survive. Our body needs to rest and recuperate and our mind needs to ‘switch off’. Whilst I sleep for an appropriate number of hours each night, how is it that I always wake up tired? I have a semi-strict routine in the evenings to allow me to go to bed at a reasonable time. I get into bed early and try to unwind from the day’s activities. Despite this routine I find myself tossing and turning in the night struggling to truly ‘switch off’. My fitness band tracks my sleeping patterns and I tend to wake up multiple times in the night. I know that as we get older our quality of sleep deteriorates, whether that be because of lifestyle changes or health issues. I feel like my sleep structure has already shifted a little.

In my student life I could stay awake till 4am with no problems, and then sleep in till noon the next day. My body has become accustomed to a set routine for work: getting up early and sleeping early. Working life is tiring.


Sleep is something I really took for granted in my university days. I often had days off and would sleep past noon and spend lazy days in the house. Now that I have to wake up early every morning to go to work I have learnt to savour the precious hours of sleep.

Every night I wind down in bed by checking my social media and soon I find my eyes closing of their own accord. By 11pm I am normally very ready to sleep; sometimes even before this time. Sleep early and rise early!

Working life has surely taken its toll on my student body but I can feel productivity and alertness spreading too. One day at a time!


After a long weekend of wedding festivities and birthday antics all rolled into one, I am back in Edinburgh for the rest of the week.

I arrived in Newcastle on Saturday in the early evening and it was a good opportunity to catch up with a lot of church youths, as well as meeting new people from other places. It also turned into an unexpected late night which probably wasn’t good the night before the wedding!

Sunday consisted of a full day of wedding plans! A 10:30 wedding ceremony followed by speeches and a choir presentation, some chill out time (which we used to grab dim sum), then an evening ceilidh at Doxford Hall. A ceilidh is a Scottish dancing gathering where the band plays traditional music and the instructor teaches the steps before getting into the swing of things.

Monday was my birthday! I woke up with one hell of a hangover and aches all over from overly enthusiastic men at the ceilidh. In the morning I took time to explore Doxford Hall and its grounds and it truly is a beautiful place! There is a library there that I was so reluctant to leave behind, it was simply breathtaking. The rest of the day was spent in Alnwick Gardens; another beautiful place that I had the pleasure of exploring. I would definitely recommend these two places to visit if you have a penchant for pretty gardens/grounds, fountains, old fashioned decor and interesting plants.

  As much as I love having jam packed days I am glad to be given some down time to rest and enjoy at my own pace. I think most importantly I need sleep, both more of it and of a better quality.