In recent weeks I have noticed how quickly the days are going by. In my regular work week schedule I find myself baffled at the arrival of another Friday in seemingly quick successions. I don’t know fully if it’s because I’ve been busier in 2018 or if I’m making the most out of my time, or a mix of the two.

As we draw closer to the middle of February I can safely say that 2018 has been good to me. I go to bed each night with a tiredness in my body that signifies I worked and played hard, and also with a content feeling in my heart. I am so thankful for this year already and I strive to have this heart of thanksgiving for the rest of the year.


Just checking in for a quick life update:

  • I’ve been given more responsibilities at work so things are hectic now and again, but I am happy for a change in pace and for more challenging tasks.
  • Swimming has become something I really enjoy and it helps me unwind. This week I went swimming after work on 4/5 days and my body is feeling great!
  • Catch ups with friends (even if for only a short while) build back those happy feelings in my heart. Forever blessed to be surrounded by lovely, supportive people.



Exciting news!

I won Star of the Month at work for December! Happy days!

It is good to know that my hard work is recognised in some way. Although I did not find out till returning to work in January, it was a nice way to wrap up the previous working year.

With a few new challenges coming by way work-wise in 2016, I look forward to the responsibilities that they will bring. I am glad to be appreciated in my company and also rewarded (with a prize of my choosing).

The year is looking brighter already!


Slowly making progress in the workplace is a very heart-warming feeling. I am encouraged by my team leader to work hard and to strive for more, and am rewarded with new tasks and individual projects.

Within the past few weeks I have been asked to train up a new start to the firm and this came as quite a surprise for me. As I associate as a relatively new start myself, I had never expected to be asked to pass on the torch to another. The experience has brought challenges along the way but has also brought forth new learning experiences. I thank God for the opportunity to help and guide others, and also appreciate the support and encouragements from my team leader and manager.


These days the weather is miserable, work life is mundane and getting up in the morning is a struggle. The latter months bring about rain, colder temperatures and a sense of dread that it will only get worse. However I want to view my life in a more positive light. Focusing on the negative things never benefited anyone. While I have my own struggles I am learning to see the better things in life and to hone into those to brighten up my day. The little things make the bigger things much more bearable.


Ever since I started my new job I have gotten a sense of fulfilment that I never felt at my previous job. At this place I feel like I fit in more as well as being much more productive. It also helps that I am good at the tasks set for me. I feel more accomplished and motivated each day; which is something that I did not feel at my previous position.

Working life is not so bad and the routine that comes with it is a pleasant change to irregular sleeping hours and lazy days of student life. This is only the beginning of my busy life and I feel more educated in the ways of the working world now that I have some experience. I hope to continue to be challenged in this arena and to develop myself as a person along the way.


After a long weekend back in my home town I am safely back in Edinburgh. So did I get a chance to recharge and to rest up before returning to my work life? In a way; yes, but in many other ways; no.

  1. On Friday evening I took the train intending to have a smooth journey home, and to get an early night in before the wedding festivities. However my train was delayed in Newcastle for over two hours so I missed all my connecting trains… The signal failure was due to deliberate vandalism! I was not happy.
  2. After sitting in the station for an extended period of time I eventually made it to York station on a packed train. As I had missed all my connecting trains I had to rush here and there to find trains which would hopefully get me to my home town that day. Luckily I brought a tiny suitcase which I could run with! I ended up in Leeds late into the evening, and reached Sheffield at past midnight.
  3. As it got later and later I realised I would not be getting home that day. The train carriage was filled with drunken revellers on their way home from a night out, and the noise gave me a headache. Trains from Sheffield to Leicester only ran on the hour and I had missed all of those for that day, thus meaning I would have to wait till morning. So frantically using the last of my battery on my phone, I searched for hotels near Sheffield train station so that I could rest up. I found a cheap-ish hotel which was close by and power walked to it. Being alone in a strange city late at night was very scary, especially because I was tired, frustrated and upset.
  4. As I checked into the hotel I could feel my body relaxing a little. There was nothing else I could do about the situation so the least I could do was get some much needed rest in the hotel. The room was really modern and the king-sized bed was super comfortable! The waterfall shower was very soothing and it felt amazing to wash the evening of travel off. I had been reassured by the train conductor that I could use my tickets the next day and not have to pay for new ones, so I slept soundly till morning.
  5. On Saturday morning I woke up feeling refreshed after such a manic evening, and got ready to travel home. The trains to Leicester were much more frequent than the previous night and were much quicker journeys! Within an hour and 15 minutes I was safely back in Leicester and I got picked up by my brother. I was very much relieved to be back and to have the ordeal over with!

I feel like every time I face a hardship I can learn from it. I also thank God that it was not as bad a situation as it could have been. Although I did get upset at the time, I also was able to find a way out and to make the most of a bad event. The night alone in a hotel gave me some time to reflect on my evening, and to realise that I am stronger than I perceive myself. My independence has made me a more well-prepared person, and I can deal with tough situations. Hopefully I can continue to grow and learn through my struggles and to empower myself more from the lessons I receive.


Long time no post!

So what has been going on in my life for the past two weeks?

My first job ended up not being right for me so I left my 3 month contract a few weeks early. I have had the past week to reflect on this decision and to look for further job opportunities. I also took the week to focus on other things rather than my unemployed status. I have spent most of my evenings at church helping out with the training course for youths.

This morning I attended an interview session with a lawyer and solicitor firm. I was unsure about the position offered and did not know what to expect. Having only had one previous interview I felt very inexperienced and nervous about what questions would be asked. Luckily everything went very smoothly and I went home feeling calm about the whole event.

A few hours passed and I checked my junk emails and saw one from the company I had been interviewed by. Good news! I was offered a post with the company! I could not be happier with this opportunity to work in a field more related to my Criminology degree.

I thank God for this blessed opening for me and for guiding my interview processes to be so smooth. I have been so fortunate to find jobs in both interviews I attended fresh out of university. I hope that this is a long term endeavour for me and that I enjoy it more than my previous job.


I turned twenty something plus one this week. It seems to come around quicker every year.

I spent my birthday at work where I kept the special day quiet from my colleagues. I have never been one to make a big deal out of my birthday so to keep it a secret at work was sort of nice. I went out for a simple dinner at Chaophraya with a beautiful rooftop view of Edinburgh Castle, before going home to sleep for work the next day.

I find that as I have gotten older the birthday festivities have been toned down greatly. I am perfectly satisfied with a smaller, quieter birthday celebration rather than a big affair. Each year I get more and more thankful for the things that I have achieved and received within the past year. The more years I live; the more I have to be thankful for.


Train journeys always give me time to reflect and although travelling makes me physically tired, I am recharged mentally.

After some reflection I came up with a list of things that I truly give thanks for:-

  • Arriving safely in Edinburgh with all my luggage! I have had a train journey in the past where my suitcase was stolen, so it always makes me very paranoid!
  • All my references from university and previous jobs have cleared so I have a fuss-free start to my new job on Monday.
  • Getting a job after my first interview. It has taken a little while to sink in but I know now that it really is a blessing and a fantastic opportunity.
  • My granddad’s bravery in his battle against ill health. He will be undergoing keyhole surgery on Monday but he has not been experiencing any pain, and remains his usual happy self.
  • The short 10 days that I had to relax at home before starting my new job. I caught up with friends and spent precious time with family.
  • This good weather. Sunny days and warm nights!