Winding down to the end of the year always gets me feeling reflective. I remember the end of 2014 had me stressed and uncertain, whereas this year end is a little different. Gone are my studying days with sleepless nights and dissertation worries, but work stresses and struggles have replaced them.

As my working year is brought to a close, I reflect on my working life thus far. I have had one previous job fresh out of university, and my current job which I have been at for almost 4 months. Time has passed quickly and slowly all the same. I have counted down weeks till my next day of annual leave and simultaneously had days/weeks that fly by. My graduation from university was now 5 months ago and my dissertation deadline 8. This year has been an incredible one and I look forward to all the new (and old) things to come in the new year of 2016.


Long time no post!

So what has been going on in my life for the past two weeks?

My first job ended up not being right for me so I left my 3 month contract a few weeks early. I have had the past week to reflect on this decision and to look for further job opportunities. I also took the week to focus on other things rather than my unemployed status. I have spent most of my evenings at church helping out with the training course for youths.

This morning I attended an interview session with a lawyer and solicitor firm. I was unsure about the position offered and did not know what to expect. Having only had one previous interview I felt very inexperienced and nervous about what questions would be asked. Luckily everything went very smoothly and I went home feeling calm about the whole event.

A few hours passed and I checked my junk emails and saw one from the company I had been interviewed by. Good news! I was offered a post with the company! I could not be happier with this opportunity to work in a field more related to my Criminology degree.

I thank God for this blessed opening for me and for guiding my interview processes to be so smooth. I have been so fortunate to find jobs in both interviews I attended fresh out of university. I hope that this is a long term endeavour for me and that I enjoy it more than my previous job.


I recently attended my graduation ceremony!

To finally round off my 4 years of studying in university with a celebration with my classmates, and other fellow university students, was a great and joyous occasion. It felt really good to put on the graduation gown and hood, and to walk around knowing it was an important day for all the people surrounding me.

It was also the university Chancellor’s last graduation ceremony after serving for many years. He gave a moving speech to the 2015 graduates and reiterated many times for us not to waste our lives.

Now that I have officially left the student sphere and entered into working life, I feel a little older and a little wiser. Onwards and upwards!


The end of my first ever working week has come to a close!

Thoughts :-

  • Having a defined routine and sleeping pattern is actually quite nice. Getting up at 06:30 every morning is not exactly fun but the mornings are bright and the days are spent being productive.
  • I like planning out my lunch for the next day and preparing and making food when I go home.
  • A wide variety of people work in an office environment. Different ages, different educational and work backgrounds, different countries of origin. It is really interesting to learn about other people and also to teach others about my own culture and livelihood.
  • Having a goal to work towards makes me feel very driven and important. Throughout university the motivation to finish my degree was never really that high, however in my job I get encouraged by colleagues as well as having targets set by my managers. Working with a team of like-minded individuals is very helpful.
  • It is a steep learning curve.


Train journeys always give me time to reflect and although travelling makes me physically tired, I am recharged mentally.

After some reflection I came up with a list of things that I truly give thanks for:-

  • Arriving safely in Edinburgh with all my luggage! I have had a train journey in the past where my suitcase was stolen, so it always makes me very paranoid!
  • All my references from university and previous jobs have cleared so I have a fuss-free start to my new job on Monday.
  • Getting a job after my first interview. It has taken a little while to sink in but I know now that it really is a blessing and a fantastic opportunity.
  • My granddad’s bravery in his battle against ill health. He will be undergoing keyhole surgery on Monday but he has not been experiencing any pain, and remains his usual happy self.
  • The short 10 days that I had to relax at home before starting my new job. I caught up with friends and spent precious time with family.
  • This good weather. Sunny days and warm nights!


I have the wondrous pleasure of announcing that I have been offered a job!

After completing a telephone survey last week I was put forward to attend a face-to-face interview and assessment. My interview went very smoothly, surprisingly so, and I felt very at ease and confident in answering questions. The whole session was informal and not at all like I had previously imagined. The written test was straightforward and easy to complete. I left the session feeling satisfied with how I performed, especially for my first interview after university.

After completing my interview and assessments, I had returned home and was busy playing with my niece and nephew. I got a phone call from the company and I was curious because only about an hour had passed since the interview. At the meeting they had told all applicants that they would respond within the working week so the same day phone call was unexpected.

Accepting the job offer over the phone was a feeling I will never forget. I was pacing around when I heard the words, ‘we would like to make you a job offer’. I stopped in my tracks and thought I had heard them wrong. I was so excited and pleased at the same time that my face crafted itself into a huge smile. I accepted it gladly and breathed a huge sigh of relief afterwards.

I feel very blessed for this job opportunity and especially for it coming at this particular time in my life. Though this is a temporary position there is a high chance of my contract being extended, as the company like to work with the same staff over time. I feel it is a great blessing for my first interview to have gone so smoothly, and for me to get this job. I will definitely work hard and do my best in my working life, and in whatever else my future holds. Thank God.


A little background for those who are new followers to the blog:-

  • I recently finished my undergraduate studies at university and am waiting on my graduation in July.
  • I like to read books of all genres.
  • I enjoy documenting my thoughts.
  • I currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I was born in Leicester down in England.

I feel like I hit a mini milestone today. I had my first telephone interview and am pleased to say that I passed it! My interviewer was friendly and informative, and made me feel at ease during the whole process. I have been put forward to have an official face-to-face interview next week, which is very exciting news. Onwards and upwards!


In less than one month my university life will be over. In one month I will have no more deadlines and my degree will be over. My 4 years of studying at university will have finished!

My last lecture is tomorrow and after that I will only be in university to meet with my supervisor, and to hand in my essays and dissertation. The end is near! This last year of university has gone by phenomenally quickly! In one month’s time all my hard work will have come to an end. This is both an exciting and scary thought, but I look forward to what the future brings!


I was speaking to my cousin recently about my studies and the following phrase came up in conversation:

‘We’re all proud of you.’

This was such a genuine and unexpected surprise, and a lovely one at that. Never have I thought in my 3.5 years of studying that other people would be proud of my achievements and my efforts in education, so it was really encouraging to hear those words.

Usually when I come home for the holidays people will ask me how my studies are going and I will answer simply and succinctly. However when my cousin asked me she delved a little deeper and took interest in my studies, and in my upcoming dissertation.  Having been through the university system herself, she knows the struggles of being a student and the workload that comes with it.

I really appreciate these words from my cousin and I will cherish them when I feel stressed and under pressure.