Phew! It’s officially April.

What a crazy month of March!

It has been a strange transitioning period for many who are now working from home, for those unable to see family and friends, and for those unable to buy basic necessities.

After my previous post about my company lock down, my manager asked me to work from home – not a standard 7.5 hours a day, but to keep on top of things by checking and replying to emails. While at first I saw it as an inconvenience to still have to work from home, I realised that I am much luckier than some of those around me. There are people who cannot make a living because of the nature of their work. They cannot open their shops or restaurants as they rely on social interaction. Some of my colleagues have been furloughed because their work cannot be done from home. While I feel ‘trapped’ because I am limited to where I can go outside, I know that I am blessed to have my health and still able to go on daily walks for exercise.

Getting into a routine – albeit not a strict one – has helped to keep myself in check. I still set a morning alarm to wake up and an evening alarm to remind myself to get ready for bed at a sensible time. Sometimes I get up and go at my alarm and sometimes I give myself some leeway. I make sure to get changed (if only into comfortable lounge clothing) so that I have some semblance of normal life, and to be more productive. I check my emails in the morning after I have breakfast and complete my work going into lunch time. I recently started going for my lunch time walks again (like I usually do on my office lunch breaks) and found I am more productive in the afternoon. For a couple of days my mornings and early afternoons would meld into one, as I quickly ate lunch then rushed back to my work in a bid to ‘finish early’. I realised that this was very unhealthy and was not the kind of working from home routine I wanted. Going for walks/runs helps me to clear my head, stretch my legs and stimulate my brain. It also gives me time to catch up with podcasts and zone out to music.

When I take a slightly longer lunch break I find I am more motivated to do my work in the afternoon, and am less distracted by other things. I try and finish up my work anywhere from 4pm to 6pm, sometimes opting for a longer day so I have a freer next day. Having less limitations is both a blessing and a curse. I find that I don’t clock watch because I know that everything is on my own schedule – if I focus, I can finish earlier. However I do find that I get distracted easily – phone, video calls, watching shows, snacks, reading the news.

It has been just over a week since I was in the office and my concept of time is lacking. The days flow into each other so easily! Without structure it is easy to lose control of yourself in a balance of work and leisure. Self discipline is key in times like these. I implore everyone to stay safe by staying at home, in a hope that things will return to normality soon!


Where is 2018 running off to? As the months sprint past it seems strange to think how long a year felt back in my years of studying. Term time seemed to last forever and even the long holidays would drag out. In my working life everything seems to be going in fast forward. A Monday ends before I know it, then suddenly it’s midweek, and then somehow it’s already Friday? I find myself not having enough time to get everything done in a day. I find myself scrambling to work harder and more efficiently to fit everything in. I need life to slow down a little and let me catch up.


Today is my WordPress anniversary! I’m not entirely sure how many years ago I started running this blog, but I am definitely proud of how far it has come. While I find myself with less words to write, I am thankful for an open yet safe space where I can share and relieve my mind.

This week of work has sped by! April has always been a ‘nothing’ month for me. In education days it was the month of Easter break and revision for exams, however now it holds no significance. Work life remains work life. As April comes to a close I wonder what the month of May will bring!


In recent weeks I have noticed how quickly the days are going by. In my regular work week schedule I find myself baffled at the arrival of another Friday in seemingly quick successions. I don’t know fully if it’s because I’ve been busier in 2018 or if I’m making the most out of my time, or a mix of the two.

As we draw closer to the middle of February I can safely say that 2018 has been good to me. I go to bed each night with a tiredness in my body that signifies I worked and played hard, and also with a content feeling in my heart. I am so thankful for this year already and I strive to have this heart of thanksgiving for the rest of the year.


Currently undergoing trying and testing times due to a family member being in hospital for major surgery and recovery. It made me reconsider the things I hold dear to me. Last week I took an unexpected day off work to go to the hospital with my family. Previously I would have considered how my colleagues would feel picking up my work in my absence, or the fact that I have used all my annual leave already. However I found that I did not think about work that whole day because my heart was concerned with the matters of my family. Worrying about trivial things is not healthy or beneficial. Yes, we need to consider these things in the long run but it is also important that we can drop them at a moment’s notice.


Woah! It has been a long long time since I have posted anything on here…

So what’s new?

Not all that much if I’m honest! At work I have had incredibly busy stints and also lulls in the flow. I have also switched to doing a later shift every 3 weeks which offsets my weekly routine a little. After I get home from a later shift I feel like I do not have enough time to fully relax before I have to get ready for bed and prepare for the next morning. Work aside, my personal life has been very much the same. I am still swimming regularly and have recently taking up jogging again as it gives me valuable time to think. I have had family and friends visiting from all over the world so there have been many times where we all gather together and enjoy each others’ company. I am still working on putting together my Los Angeles and San Francisco footage. I hope to get at least one video edited and uploaded in the month of September though! Autumn is for staying in, getting cosy and chilling with a hot drink right? Perfect editing conditions!

Although I am not posting as regularly as I had hoped, I will leave little updates here and there as assurance that I am okay!


Recently I have had to commute to the Perth office over a couple of days to cover staff holidays, so I spent some time with friends in Dundee to cut down on travel time. During my car journeys I had time to reflect on my own development within my job as well as my self growth.

When I was first offered my position I was a fresh university graduate with little experience in the working environment. Almost two years later have passed since then and my responsibilities within the role have doubled (probably even tripled). Stressful times hit me every week and problems arise that need to be unpicked. Outside of work I often worry about not having enough time to complete a project, or fret over a stressful encounter at work. Stressful situations aside, I am very thankful to be in a workplace which appreciates my work and to work with like-minded individuals.

Never did I intend to find a job in this industry let alone still be within the same company (almost) two years later. Whilst it is important to provide a living for yourself, it is also important to enjoy your job (to an extent). If my job had been mind-numbingly repetitive and ‘soul-destroying’; I would have left a long time ago. I am thankful for colleagues who are encouraging and a pleasure to work with, and for a workplace which I feel comfortable in.


When I work an earlier shift I somehow feel fresher and more ready for work. I set my alarm for an earlier time and leave the house in time to catch the morning brightening up. My morning commute is relaxed and peaceful. I listen to upbeat music to wake myself up, and watch people get on with their morning routines. I am the first one to arrive at my office which gives me time to settle down before the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have never seen myself as a morning person but I have grown to allocate my night time for sleeping. The arrival of a new day is not the worst thing any more.


Working in a takeaway has taught me many things; one of which is tolerance.

The saying, ‘The customer is always right’ is only sometimes correct in the food industry. People feel entitled to free food, people can be rude and demanding, and people can complain like there is no tomorrow.

At the end of the day the business I work in consists of 3 people: my uncle, my aunty and I. I take the orders (either over the phone or in person), give these to my aunt and uncle in the kitchen, and they cook the food. I receive money from the customers, then help pack the food up in the kitchen, and bring the food to the customer. When there are delivery orders my aunty drives there herself leaving only my uncle and I in the shop. It is a small business and is family run. When I am not available to help them out; my cousin works. The business is lacking in staff but we get by.

Thus I find it frustrating when people do not seem to appreciate the hard work that is put into providing (what seems to them to be a simple) service.

Of course I cannot express my annoyance or frustrations at the customers but need to internalise these thoughts. I have learnt to tolerate people who may act rudely and not let others’ misdemeanours affect my service. Luckily there are more pleasant customers than unpleasant, who appreciate the time and efforts put into preparing and making their food. As with any job there comes a learning process, and learning to tolerate customers is a valuable skill which will benefit me in the future.