I am taking huge adult steps right now as a twenty-something.

One small step for mankind but one giant leap for me.



I am safely back in my home town in the comforts of my childhood bedroom! The last few days have been manic with travelling, friends and visitors, and family gatherings.

I spent much of my long weekend catching up with people who I do not get to see for the majority of the year. I must have answered the, “So where do you work now?” question at least 15 times. Sometimes I feel like I have lost that connection with my friends and family back at home, however there are also times where it feels like I never left.

I spent Sunday afternoon through till Monday in the lovely city of Cambridge. A friend recently moved out there for work so a group of 10 went out there to visit and chill out. When we get together it reminds me of how much we have all grown, as individuals and together as a group. While some of us have moved away from our home towns, it is reassuring to see everyone growing and developing into self-sufficient adults in their own ways. It is comforting to know that my friends are doing well.


Today I realised that I have a lot of things that I need to learn about adult life. There are some things that I have never had to do on my own and I have definitely taken them for granted in the past.

Simple tasks such as cashing in a cheque and posting a parcel become so much more daunting when you have no idea what you are doing. As a twenty-something I feel like I am constantly transitioning between a child and an adult. I have a lot of ‘adult’ things to learn, and independence to gain!


I finished reading An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green. At just over 200 pages this has been one of my shorter reads on my to-read list so I finally had time to purchase and read it!

Thoughts? A short and sweet book. As a Young Adult book it felt slightly juvenile to me, the content felt a little shallow and without a great amount of detail. I felt like there was not as much character development as there could have been, and the ending was predictable. As a young adult myself, I felt like this book could have been aimed more at teens rather than my own age group. All in all I enjoyed the read and breezed through it in a few days. It was easy to pick up and leave off, and it was a comfortable and light read.